I am glad to have time to share with you today the plans for the next stage of OUMO.

Since we tried Sparrow S-1 last year, we have rethink the future market position of Synthetic.

Obviously, in the high-end market, no matter how great the development of synthetic is, due to its own attribute limitations, it can never replace the top-level Badger Knot.

However, we cannot deny that synthetic hair has incomparable advantages over Badger hair, with higher efficiency, easier handling, and lower prices.

Therefore, we have been discussing and customizing the new generation synthetic hair with relevant manufacturers for nearly half a year.

We have used BASF raw materials, undergone several different parameter adjustments, and repeated sample running-in. Our first generation of super fiber will be released around 2023/4/10.
I named this series' super fiber '.

We re considered the different use sensations brought about by the synthetic hair diameter and various diameter ratios, and added various curvature synthetic hair to create a fluffy and elastic touch.

We found a relatively balanced ratio, and then the first generation of SF was born.

The first generation of SF was named 'Pantone-740-Matcha', which is of course related to its color.

In order to distinguish the synthetic hair on the market, we have given it a new color——Matcha, which symbolizes health and spring colors.

At the same time, we are also about to research and development of S-2. We have collected a large amount of feedback from S-1, and we will make up for the shortcomings of S-1 while strengthening its advantages.

The S-2 is expected to go on sale in June, and I hope it can bring you a better experience.

Thank you for reading.


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