Collection: Chinese lacquer handle

This is the second batch of Chinese lacquer handles from OUMO, which started production in November 2022 and was not completed until May 2023. This production took six months, and unlike the first batch, we tried more difficult techniques, such as inlaying abalone shells as embellishments. The first batch had about 80 layers of lacquer, and this time the number of layers reached an astonishing 120.

Due to the presence of toxins in the liquid state of Lacquer and the complexity of its production process, our annual supply does not exceed 30 pieces. Every time we make Lacquer, our skin will experience some rash due to the infection of toxins. However, as our resistance to toxins increases, this phenomenon becomes increasingly mild. It is important to note that this toxin will disappear after Lacquer dries.

If you observe the surface of the handle through a microscope, you can see a shocking Micro Art World.

I'm glad we can bring this Chinese technology that has been passed down for thousands of years to this field.

Unlike works that can be completed in just 3-4 days, this is the crystallization of time and technology, a true artwork.

They will drop on 2023/5/22.

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