Collection: TWOFACE Collection

Due to transportation and national policies,

some countries will not be able to purchase

TWOFACE comes from China.

The owner "Meng Chen" is a very charismatic wet shave collector .

All products are designed by Master Chen and tested over a long period of time to ensure extremely high quality.

TWOFACE is a famous barber shop in China, It has more than 20 stores in Domestic high-end commercial complex, serving a large number of consumers including famous Chinese film and television stars and famous singers.

TWOFACE is the flag of Chinese barbershops.

Master Chen has huge customer experience and launched derivative products of TWOFACE based on actual application scenarios.

We are honored to partner with TWOFACE to bring these great products to the world.


  • Order knot and handle at the same time, we will assemble it together by default.

  • There is a 3-5 business day delay in updating information on Aliexpress shipping.