Ebonite Limited Handles -  Part One

Ebonite Limited Handles - Part One

The Ebontie I ordered from Germany two months ago has arrived.

This time, we customized two exclusive colors:

‘China Red’:

Comprising 80% Deep Red and 20% Black.


Red and black are a classic color combination, and the addition of 20% black lends depth and complexity to the hue.
The texture is ‘Marbled’, and I believe this nature-inspired texture is even more beautiful.
‘China Red’ is highly distinctive. As an exclusive color for OUMO, it holds a special significance for the brand.

‘Imperial Violet’:

Formulated with 80% Deep Violet and 20% Black.


Purple is an alluring color, at once mysterious and noble. I increasingly find purple to be the most beautiful color, which is why we customized this special shade.
The addition of black not only doubles its mystery but also enhances its beauty through a more complex texture and layering.
Furthermore, the addition of black imparts a greater sense of nobility and solemnity.
Consequently, we have aptly named it ‘Imperial Violet’.


This is a regular color, yet it remains one of my favorite color combinations.

True to its name, Storm represents a powerful natural force, much like the sense of strength that menaspire to.

This color combination evokes memories of past glories. Do you recall the mountains you have conquered?

Do you remember the feeling when you achieved a 120kg bench press for the very first time?

Men need to brave the storm, for it is through these tempests that boys are transformed into men.

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