Shipping Policy


 (Due to policy, packages sent to the United States need truthfully declare value)

Recently, some customers have reported to us that FedEx, DHL, and UPS have charged additional fees. We hereby make a statement regarding this issue.
The existing channels include FedEx, DHL, UPS (pre shave and after shave), and Alibaba Logistics.


Channel difference:

Both charge value-added tax based on the declared product amount, but their advantage is fast and efficient.

UPS (pre-shave and after-shave):
Similar to DHL and Fedex, will only charge taxes when inspected because the transported products contain alcohol and are classified as dangerous goods in the transportation industry. The transportation cost is relatively high, which is also his disadvantage. Advantage is fast and efficient.

Alibaba Logistics:
This transportation channel includes customs clearance and taxation,In most cases, customers do not need to pay value-added tax, but the timing is uncertain because Alibaba channels cooperate with courier companies in the customer's home country.


Operation mode of channels:

FedEx/DHL operating model is that the shipping fee is paid by the sender, while other fees (such as value-added tax) are paid by the recipient, which is also the main reason why additional taxes are charged.

Alibaba's operating model is that shipping fees, value-added tax, and other fees are paid by the recipient, and the recipient does not need to pay any other fees, which is also the biggest advantage of this channel.

If you choose Alibaba Logistics and charge you additional fees (value-added tax) when you receive the package, please contact us, provide relevant photos and proof, and we will refund you the corresponding amount. However, if you choose Fedex and DHL, please bear the value-added tax and other fees charged.