Emperor Collection - E-1

Emperor Collection - E-1

The Emperor Collection is a bold improvement on Slivertip.

The raw material of Slivertip comes from Meles meles, which is a widely circulated European badger in the market. In fact, Meles meles is the most widely distributed in China, and because of the vast vegetation and complex terrain, they have better quality badger hair, today, all slivertip come from China, if someone tells you that this badger hair knot is a European badger, it is definitely a marketing gimmick.

Slivertip has a silky touch, different from finest two band gel tips, slivertip is naturally soft, the only problem comes from the disadvantages of the raw material itself.

Slivertip has a weak backbone because the raw material is too fine.

The Emperor series has carefully screened the raw materials and used thicker slivertip, which improved the problem of the backbone to a certain extent. At the same time, we further strengthened the backbone by increasing the density and adjusting the loft, while retaining the luxurious touch.

I have been using the samples of the Emperor E-1 for half a year, and have undergone many adjustments during use, but there is still a gap between the ideal strong backbone.

We have solutions, but we want to keep the natural touch of Slivertip, so in the first version of the Emperor Collection, we will not take the solutions we already know to increase the backbone.

I think this natural touch will make people ignore the problem of backbone.

One just needs to indulge in the luxurious touch it brings.
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