2022 is an extraordinary year.

I am very grateful to the community and OUMO fans, you are the best!

This year, we have changed our technology and process. We have gradually transformed the traditional process into the handtied process, which has greatly improved the use experience.

Our 5th anniversary knots, ACE, Meri, Manchuria, Tyrant and Emperor series sold more than 1200 knots, and all series sold more than 2500 knots.

At the same time, we sold more than 1000 shaving handles.

In 2022, our most generous users bought more than 90 Shaving Brushes!

We are glad to see that OUMO has more fans. I can see a large number of fans using our products on various social sharing platforms. The most exciting thing for me is that more and more collectors are collecting OUMO products.

Thank you!


2023, we will continue to develop according to the original plan.

In 2023, we will launch another handtied synthetic knot. At present, we are developing new synthetic hair with related factories. We will customize the parameters most suitable for the handtied process and develop new colors.

At the same time, we will continue the classic series and launch another high-end finest two band series -- 'Origin', which will create another possibility again.

In Shaving handles, we will try some new materials, try some new surface treatment processes, and introduce more Chinese style designs. Of course, we will also introduce some novel designs.


Most importantly, we will launch another brand in 2023 -- 'Urkunet'

In addition to me, I have joined two craftsman masters of this brand, one is proficient in Chinese ceramics, and the other is proficient in CNC.

So far, we will try to combine various processes and technologies. You may see products that combine metal and ceramics.

Our ceramic masters will also bring a variety of firing techniques to bring authentic Chinese ceramic artworks to the community.

In addition, we also started to involve the field of Shaving Razor. In fact, we have been discussing this issue for the past two years. When we think we can make the best products, we can start this project.

Thank you again!

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