goodbye, 2023! Hello, 2024!

goodbye, 2023! Hello, 2024!

This is the first year after the epidemic.

We all experienced this event that will be remembered in history.

OUMO is lucky that we have not been severely impacted by the epidemic.

Thank you to friends who support oumo! You give us the motivation to keep moving forward.

We launched super fieber ST-1 in 2023, and we are very happy to see that the market has gradually recognized our new products, giving us the confidence to launch other super fiber series next.

In fact, we are already developing new super fiber knots. I will release relevant information in April 2024. What I can say now is that this time the super fiber still uses new technologies that are not currently used in the industry. The new technology can greatly improve the touch, and the touch is close to high-end cashmere.

In addition to Super fiber, we see more and more customers liking our artisan handles, thank you very much!

We sold more products in 2023 than 2022, and we are very lucky to be able to provide a great wet shave experience to more customers.

In 2024, we will continue to upgrade our processes. The most important thing is that OUMO will fully update the equipment in January 2024. By then, our costs will be further reduced, and our pricing will also be reduced accordingly. Everyone can buy to better quality and cheaper artisan handles.

We have updated our engraving machine equipment, we will start making some more complex and artistically valuable artisan handles in 2024, and we believe that we will start to combine all the technologies we have at our disposal to create something that has not yet been seen.

In addition, our shaving knots are loved by more and more collectors, and we are very grateful to everyone!

In the new year, while maintaining the basic series, we will also try to develop some new animal hair shaving knots. We have currently used 6 different animal hairs for testing, and may be in the animal hair shaving knot market in 2024. There are not only badger hair, boar hair, and horse hair, but also other animal hairs. We hope to find a brand new animal hair to inject surprise and vitality into this market.

In addition, the artisan razor we promised you will not be on the shelves in 2023. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, artisan razor is still in the research and development and testing stages.

Our CNC studio has been completed in May 2023 and is currently in the product design and testing stage. If nothing unexpected happens, it will be launched on the market in mid-2024.

We want to spend enough time and enough patience to build a really good product.

Stay concerned!

Finally, thank you all for your company!

Goodbye, 2023!

Hello 2024!

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