'Fluid Art‘ -- Make the surface of Jupiter possible.

'Fluid Art‘ -- Make the surface of Jupiter possible.

In recent years, I have been searching for new decoration process to create unique shaving handles.

In 2021, we successfully combined Chinese lacquer craftsmanship with shaving handles to create a crystallization of time and craftsmanship. Afterwards, we fell into a bottleneck period and did not discover any new technologies.

Until the end of 2022, i discovered a new decorative process, and when I first saw it, I knew it would become OUMO's next goal.

The process is difficult because this decorative process has many natural drawbacks, such as hardness, wear resistance, and waterproofing.

We spent half a year, bit by bit, making up for the shortcomings of this decoration process.

To this day, we have finally perfected this process, which we call 'fluid art '.

After the Chinese lacquer craftsmanship, we are pleased to once again create a new decorative process for the shaving handle.

The fluid art handle has a very strong artistic sense, as shown in the picture, with the highest color saturation currently available. At the same time, various fluid patterns can be created using operational techniques.

In theory, we can made any color and support the creation of multiple patterns.

So I think complete customization will become possible.

I am planning to launch a fully customized page, of course this is a plan.

We can finally make the surface of Jupiter.

Thank you.


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