New shapes coming soon - 国士无双、杜康、极肆!

New shapes coming soon - 国士无双、杜康、极肆!


‘国士无双’ Means ‘Unparalleled defender of national honor’or‘unparalleled national warriors’.

This idiom in China usually describes the most powerful defender of national honor in a historical period, such as 'Huo Qubing' in the Western Han Dynasty, Yue Fei in the Song Dynasty, and Li Jing in the Tang Dynasty.
We have always missed the legendary generals in ancient times who almost single-handedly saved a country.

Only these great and legendary figures can be called '国士无双'.

Inspired by the armor of ancient generals.






‘杜康’--Chinese famous wine.



《A Short Song》 -- Caocao

Let us sing with wine in our hands!
How long is a human life?
It is like dew in the morning,
I am grieved so many days have fled.  
My heart is moved and stirred,
sorrowful thoughts are hard to leave behind.
What can relieve me of this sorrow?
Here is only the famous Dukang wine.
Wine culture is a very important part of Chinese culture. During the Three Kingdoms period, a short song line brought the impassioned heroic spirit to the extreme.
As the most famous liquor of that era, Dukang has a unique position in history.

That's where the inspiration comes from.


As the fourth generation handle shape of the ‘Exceed’ series, we have added soft lines that symbolize flowing water.
The word "极" also has a special status in China, often representing the limit of a kind of spiritual power or the limit of a certain craft.

‘登峰造极’ is the best way to sum up this word. ‘登峰造极’ means ‘Go beyond the peak and create new peaks.’
The ‘Exceed’ series represents a yearning of OUMO, and it is also the handle shape that we have put the most effort into. We hope that this can become a representative work of OUMO.
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