Major upgrade: shaving handles

Major upgrade: shaving handles

Since OUMO used CNC processing handles in 2019, our shaving handle business has been in operation for 5 years.

Over the years, we have designed over 50 different shapes of handles, and currently have over 10 different shapes on sale.

During this period, we underwent many adjustments and technological upgrades, until 2022 can we truly produce top-quality handles.

In addition to conventional resin and acrylic materials, we have also used various materials for production, including but not limited to wood, leather, ebonite, and metal. And the use of some traditional Chinese crafts, such as Chinese lacquer.

The following are the main reasons and contents of this adjustment:

The earliest oumo handle had a maximum diameter of 38mm. We quickly realized that this diameter was too small, so we improved it to 40mm, but it still couldn't meet the customer's needs. In the end, we improved it to 42mm, and of course, there are also limited edition versions with a diameter of 48mm.

This is not the key aspect of this adjustment, as mainly focuses on the height of the handle.

Half a month ago, I noticed a guest in the Facebook group posting a message that said: ‘I have so many brushes, Oumo's brush is the shortest.’

I realized that I urgently needed to solve this problem, so we made varying degrees of adjustments to the handle shapes currently on sale and made modifications to the shapes (it is worth mentioning that they have indeed become more beautiful).

1. 65mm adjusted to 70mm.

2. 60mm adjusted to 65mm (excluding new chubby).

3. 55mm adjusted to 60mm.

Simply put, the majority of our handles have been raised by 5mm in height.

Some handles have been redesigned, and the improved design is more aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, thank you all for your valuable feedback. We attach great importance to every customer's suggestion!

Thank you.


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