Talk about Emperor Collection and Tyrant Collection.

Talk about Emperor Collection and Tyrant Collection.

Talk about Emperor (silvertip) and Tyrant (fienst two band).

Let’s talk about Tyrant first. Tyrant belongs to the finest two band in terms of classification. Yes, it is a processed two band.

The difference is that Tyrant is one of the highest-level two band. Hair tips are all the leading stars of the team, we just put together the leading stars of so many clubs, oh, by the way, just like Real Madrid back then, they can dominate the football world just by their personal qualities. What is even more terrifying is that they There are also rigorous tactics and excellent training facilities.

Tyrant is like that.

The difference between finest two band and two band is very simple. The finest two band is a processed two band. The purpose of this processing is to remove the scratching feeling. However, one day many years ago, people found that some finest two band hair tips will be very soft after wet water. Showing extremely strong softness, people thought it was a surprise discovery, this discovery was called gel tips, until Manchuria made gel tips the standard for high-end finest two band.

Although finest two band has undergone major historical changes since 2019, the classification is more refined and the processing is more refined, but it still cannot change his violent gene.

Compared with Silvertip, although the highest-end finest two band has a very long hair tip, it is always a two band. Under the microscope, you will find that the scales of the two band are open, like a bloodthirsty tyrant.There is a very thick hollow inside each hair. If you need gel tips, you only need to open a small opening at the tip, and water will naturally seep through the hollow, while the scales soften and expand, and then it will be finished with soap. Perfect fusion, of course, if this tip opening is too large, too much moisture is absorbed, sorry, the cuticle has reached the extreme water content, he needs more soap, if you can't satisfy him, you can't finish the lather, But, at the same time, this hair tip with extremely high water content will give unparalleled softness, like Lotus knot, but at the same time, because the opening is so large, and the processing of these cuticles is more intense, they are like eating Doping athletes, although they can bring unparalleled results in the short term, can damage their sports career forever.

Returning to the topic, the name of tyrant comes from, finest two band is stout, savage, and unreasonably powerful, just like a monarch who rules a country with tyranny.

On the contrary, the emperor is just the opposite, silvertip feels to me like a resourceful monarch who opposes force and advocates etiquette.

Under the microscope, the scales of silvertip are small and neat. At the same time, the hair tip of silvertip is not as strong and powerful as that of finest two band. Therefore, never use finest two band and silvertip to compare the backbone. Normal finest two band also stronger than the top silvertip.

In my opinion, silvertip does not have gel tips, because the top silvertip must ensure the integrity of each hair tip during the processing process, without any gaps, and completely rely on the capillary phenomenon brought by the tight and small scales to lock moisture.

Therefore, the efficiency of silvertip is much higher than that of finest two band, and the way they store water is fundamentally different.

But at the same time, due to the requirements of the craftsmanship, the silvertip will not produce a cloud-like touch. He will always maintain a slight scratching feeling, no more and no less. Even the top-quality silvertip and the general-quality silvertip are not very different in touch...

The important reason for their difference is the purity of the raw materials. The silvertip of true 100% purity will not feel needle-punching.

Emperor E-1 is an attempt based on my many years of research on badger hair. While we ensure 100% purity, we have selected raw materials. The selection of raw materials is consistent with the tyrant's strategy. At the same time, in order to ensure the backbone , we adjusted the density, and suggested to lower the loft appropriately, and combined with the installation technology of the oumo tower to strengthen the backbone as much as possible, so that you can not only feel the silky touch of the emperor, but also feel a certain feedback.

I think that's the real luxury.

I love my job,I continue to research and try, hoping to bring you a more luxurious and personalized experience.

From Manchuria HOOK to Emperor Tyrant Meri, each collection is an attempt to bring to the experience.

This is my interpretation of tyrant and emperor, and also my interpretation of finest two band and silvertip.

I hope to be helpful.

Best regards.


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