Welcome!Twoface!Welcome!Mr. Chen!

Welcome!Twoface!Welcome!Mr. Chen!

I am very honored to have the opportunity to promote Twoface's products to the world.

Mr. Chen is a master whom I respect very much.

As China's chief barber, Mr. Chen personally founded TWOFACE barber shop and promoted retro culture throughout China.

Although Mr. Chen and I have not known each other for a long time, I can still strongly feel Mr. Chen’s deep love for traditional Chinese culture. Chinese traditional culture is also the spiritual totem I have been pursuing.

While maintaining the retro design concept, Mr. Chen added a large number of Chinese elements to the product design, creating TWOFACE's unique product design style, which has a strong visual impact.

Unlike other similar products in China, Mr. Chen does not blindly follow trends and never compromises on quality. Each product is personally tested over a long period of time to ensure high quality.

At the same time, relying on China's strong manufacturing capabilities can further reduce costs and ultimately present cost-effective products.

I hope TWOFACE can bring a different color to the wet shaving circle and allow wet shavers around the world to experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture.


The cooperation with TWOFACE has just begun, and the friendship between Chen and I will last a lifetime.

In the near future, we will conduct joint cooperation to create some special products combining the styles of TWOFACE and OUMO.

Thanks so much for reading!

Best regards,
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