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In China, every year near the Spring Festival, every household buys a lot of food raw materials, such as pork, beef, mutton, various vegetables, fruits and candies, and then makes them into various foods full of Chinese local characteristics. On the day of the Spring Festival, families and friends will be entertained.

As a Chinese brand, we also provide New Year's goods for Wetshavers all over the world.

This New Year's gift is more like a skill competition for OUMO. Each of the three craftsmen in oumo has made about 40 pieces of brush handles, totaling about 120 pieces of various handles. We will put them on the shelves in four batches on 2023.1.1-1.20 (Chinese New Year's Eve, the day before the Spring Festival).

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  • Order knot and handle at the same time, we will assemble it together by default.

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