Historical Version

I created this page to provide customers with more shaving brush references:

The core content of artisan shaving brush is: uniqueness.

Since 2021, we have not provided any customized service pages, but it does not mean that we do not accept customized services. In fact, we have customized some unique color schemes for many customers, which come from these imaginative customers.

We have many fixed color schemes, but at the same time, three different craftsmen use their own imagination to create the shaving brush handle.

Some color schemes may be inquired by the customers about whether they can produce the same color scheme. In this case, we default to opening a custom color scheme service, which is free of charge. But you need to wait for a longer time because the entire process from blank to polishing is done manually, so there may inevitably be texture errors. Although using the same color scheme, there may still be some differences.

This historical version will provide some color schemes that we have created before. If you also like them, you can ask us to create the same color scheme.