Ebonite Limited Handles - Part Two

Ebonite Limited Handles - Part Two

Three exquisite limited edition ebonite rods.

It's important to note that from SEM:

(Each rod is one-of-a-kind. Our limited editions feature unique designs, produced in limited quantities.
While the color combination can be replicated, the marbling pattern and color distribution will always vary due to the manufacturing process.)

Honestly, SEM offers such a wide array of limited edition colors that choosing a more outstanding one is no easy task.

Ultimately, we settled on the three colors: 'Mexico no.2', 'Morgan Fry', and 'Crane'.

Mexico no.2 is a passionate and unrestrained color combination that will give you a delightful visual experience.

The actual effect is superb, and the color reminds me of the magnificent Antelope Canyon.

Morgan Fry incorporates yellow into the red and black, creating a strong contrast and collision that presents an unparalleled explosive visual.

I believe Morgan Fry has the most intense custom color contrast this time.

The actual effect of Crane is different from my expectation. Gray and green dominate, forming a very unique color. I'm confident that this color combination won't be seen in our Resin color range.

This is a truly special color combination, like no other.

I'm very much looking forward to having these beautiful creations available soon. Stay tuned!
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