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Tyrant T-6 finest two band badger handtied knot

Tyrant T-6 finest two band badger handtied knot

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2023.11.23 Alibaba Freight Adjustment Notice

The T-6, like the M-5, returns to the 2017 process, but retains the softness of the new process.

As OUMO's sub-flagship series, T-6's production process and precision are much higher than other series, thus bringing a better user experience.

After the process was upgraded again, the service life was extended and the performance in all aspects was more balanced.


23mm BULB: 48mm
25mm BULB: 50mm
27mm BULB: 51mm
29mm BULB: 52mm

23mm FAN: 47mm
25mm FAN: 49mm
27mm FAN: 50mm
29mm FAN: 51mm


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  • Order knot and handle at the same time, we will assemble it together by default.

  • There is a 3-5 business day delay in updating information on Aliexpress shipping.