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‘Rorschach’ Traditional craft finest two band shaving knot

‘Rorschach’ Traditional craft finest two band shaving knot

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Rorschach, a character in the Watchers.

I really like Rocha - a person who adheres to the concept of "absolute justice" and never compromise

This series also pays tribute to him.

Just like Rocha, the Rocha series adheres to the bottom line of traditional craftsmanship.

With the continuous innovation of OUMO in recent years, we have not used traditional processes for about 4 years.

Although traditional craftsmanship cannot provide a soft touch to the shaving knot, it is more 'realistic'.

It can provide a more direct feedback feeling, just like the high-end badger hair knot from many years ago.

It's time to go back to the past, we've walked a long way, it's time to take a look at the footprints of the past.


Loft recommends:

23mm BULB: 47mm
25mm BULB: 49mm
27mm BULB: 50mm
29mm BULB: 51mm

23mm FAN: 46mm
25mm FAN: 48mm
27mm FAN: 49mm
29mm FAN: 50mm


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